Heya readers! Cory was awesome this weekend and made sure to have a day out with the kidbeast so that I could get some work done, and as a result I managed to do a ton of stuff. I uploaded a new pin up, three wallpapers and some design work for Patrons, finished the cover for the upcoming chapter and today I did some satisfactory thumbnails for the next chapter, which will end up being 43 pages if you include the cover.

My plan for today is to dump all of the thumbnails into a script file for Cory to chip away at and then get started on making the panel layouts for the first scene so I can get to roughing it out. I’ll have an update on how that’s going for me on Friday, when we put up another character teaser.

The character you are looking at right now first appeared back on this page, and the other two mystery Ith will be appearing in updated teaser images here on Friday and the following Tuesday before the new chapter starts on the 17th. See you Friday!