Aaaand after a month of hearing nothing from me, I (sort of) return! For those of you not following me on twitter, on August 15th at 6:05am we welcomed Briar Ellen Theresa Brown into our family! Here, check out how cute (and also hairy) this baby is:

Anyhow, we disappeared rather abruptly for a few reasons. The first was that as I got more and more overdue, I felt more and more terrible. I don’t want to call Cory inept when it comes to uploading comics to the website–he used to be able to, but right before it became apparent that the only reason I was getting out of bed was to go to one of many appointments at the hospital, I upgraded the site to a different comic CMS and never taught him how to use it. Oops. Secondly, I had a million NST tests and ultrasounds for the last two weeks or so of pregnancy and we were barely home. The most major thing, though, was that I ended up having an emergency C-Section and I am still recovering. I’m not even allowed to drive yet (waiting on Doctor’s okay), and sitting for any amount of time is still causing me pain because I lean directly on my incision (damn you poor posture!).

That said, this was the page that was supposed to go up before we went into the hospital but didn’t. After today, I have several weeks of guest comics and fun free wallpapers, and then it’s back to new pages. I’ll be using the time in between now and then to get some more pages done–babies are obviously super demanding and most of my work is going to get done while she is asleep or when Cory is home from work and can watch her for a few hours while I get shit done.

Anyhow, I’d like to take this minute to thank everyone who made me guest comics and everyone who offered to make them (but I didn’t get back to you because I felt terrible and haven’t touched a real computer until today). I’d also like to thank the rest of you for being so damn patient, and for continuing to comment and speculate in our absence. I promise that I will teach Cory how to updae the new system so that this (having a page and a bunch of guest comics ready to post and instead they just sit on my hard drive, waiting because no one who can post them is around) never happens again.

See you in the following weeks!