And after an annoyingly long wait, we are back with a real page update!

For those of you who missed them, here’s a quick summary of why we weren’t updating: I had a baby! Babies are hard work.

However, if you were around when I was away, you’ll know that we did update with bonus and guest comics! I’ve removed them from the main site because they messed with continuity big time, but ended up giving them a new home on the wiki! Here’s a bullet list of all of that stuff you missed/are noticing is missing.

Guest Comics:

Worldbuilding Notes:
Please remember that we have a bunch of older wallpapers up for you to grab, and, just for fun, here’s some info on Ith’s Indigo and Violet Castes!


Traits: Caste-wide, constant shared consciousness. Each Indigo is cognizant of her surroundings on an individual level, but all higher-order thought is at least partially collective in nature; each Indigo brain works together with its peers in a manner similar to a processor network. Individuality is extremely limited and the Caste functions more like a gestalt collective organism than a group of discrete beings.

Role: Supreme administrative authority. The Indigo Caste forms the head of state and the seat of government, though it prefers to rule distantly. It relies upon the Violet Caste to handle most daily affairs, intervening only when needed. The majority of the Indigo Caste’s energy is bent on directing the Black and Red Castes as a means of shaping, observing, and controlling the Monoculture as a whole, on a “big picture” level.


Traits: Conscious transfer of thoughts and sensory data to one or more Violet biological family members whenever desired, over a decent range. The clarity, speed, and control of this transfer is very advanced, but it can only be used to contact one’s biological family, and degrees of removal can make it more difficult; it is extremely easy to share thoughts with a parent or sibling, but sharing with a great-grandparent or distant biological cousin is often challenging and may result in miscommunication. For this reason it is fairly common to simply pass messages along the family tree in order to prevent confusion, though the Caste’s byzantine internal politics sometimes render this impractical.

Role: Dynastic aristocracy. The Violet Caste is broken up into Houses – each Violet House is a loosely family-rooted political and economic dynasty maintaining an elaborate network of private and government-sanctioned businesses, contracts, agreements, and arrangements in order to sustain its own influence and keep the wheels of the Monoculture’s industry turning. The Houses of the Violet Caste are perpetually caught up in an incredibly complicated and ever-changing web of long-term pacts, temporary alliances, informal agreements, unofficial truces, unspoken rivalries and open vendettas.