Whew. Well.

These past couple weeks have been pretty productive. First off, thanks to my lovely mother-in-law, I’ll have two afternoons every week that I didn’t have before where I can work on comics, because those days are Gramma days in where she will be abducting Briar and spoiling her all afternoon so I can get things done. That started last week, and thanks to that, as of a couple of hours ago, I finished remastering Chapter 5! What does that mean? It means that I fixed the awful old textures, redid all the word balloons and text and made small and large changes to the dialogue (mostly cutting out repetitiveness, redundancies, and [I’m so, so, so, so sorry] all of the French). I also redrew a few visual effects and all of the sound effects–I could fix them on all pages because I was dumb and merged some of them with essential background layers. 🙁

Second, I used a cool contest on The Webcomic Alliance as an excuse to get off my butt and design that Makkuroa queen that I posted a wallpaper of last week–something I’d been putting off since Cory wrote me up a description for them almost a year ago. I won! I’m so excited to be getting a copy of Dawn’s first book from her webcomic, Zorphbert and Fred–it features two topics I enjoy: aliens and dogs.

And lastly, because I can, congrats to Alli and Jim from Out of my Element! on their impending parenthood! I couldn’t be more excited for the both of you!

EDIT: There’s been some confusion about who is who in Fiah land–they all look very similar, and apparently some of you have been telling them apart by eye size, which is not good (for me) because their eyes are something I use for expression only. It’s been easy to tell Endi and Ethma apart so far because Endi’s a nervous wreck and Ethma has been in a pretty foul mood, but now that they’re branching out in a way that displays them in ways that aren’t boiled down to ‘the angry looking one’ and ‘the one with the big circles for eyes’, things might get confusing. Now, I thought of this way back, after chapter 5 happened. Up until the end of chapter 5, Endi and Ethma were identical because, when we originally plotted out the story, there were never really any parts in where they go back to being bird aliens because, well, I just didn’t think about it. But when it came to actually drawing out these past few chapters, I realized that they needed to have some physical differences beyond base expressions, and so, for the past two or three chapters, they’ve all had way different plumage. Here’s a pic that illustrates this, for people who were looking at eyes only and weren’t noticing the difference in their face shapes:

Click for full size.

Endi and Axca have pretty much the same plumage, but Ethma’s way different and closer to their original design. Hope that clears things up! :/