Hey guys, we decided to launch a Patreon! If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s basically a members only section that lets me post exclusive content for you guys in a place where only you can access it! $1 a month gets you access to the activity stream, where is where I’ll be posting everything, and you can pledge that buck or more using paypal or credit card.

I know I said that I wasn’t going to until the books are completely dealt with, but we just had to shell out a large pile of money for unexpected car repairs at the exact same time rent goes out, and at this point in time, any little extra bit of money is helpful. I’ve always hated to use paypal as a means of giving out donation rewards, because it’s extremely hard to keep track of everyone and there’s no real convenient way to make sure that specific people get specific rewards. Patreon does all of this, and I’m actually really excited because I have a lot of ideas for extra content that I’ve never pursued because there wasn’t a great way to get that content to people in a way that wasn’t a nightmare to manage.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters I’m going to be moving all of my pages in progress previews to Patreon from tumblr–it’s easy for things to get lost on tumblr, and I think they’ll be better off there, anyways. If we make it to our milestones, I’ll be releasing a lot of behind the scenes stuff we never post, as well as producing a lot of extras. If we by some miracle ever make it to the top milestone, I’ll also be transitioning from two updates a week to three, which is insane but something I will definitely be able to manage.

In the more immediate future, though, if we hit our first milestone, we’re offering advance previews of chapter thumbnails, extra design and worldbuilding stuff as we produce it, alternate versions of pages with my awful placeholder stuff on it and the intermission’s heavily redacted files by Max and his fellow ESI agents, but without the redactions.

Backers can also look forward to cool stuff like monthly wallpapers, desktop icons, avatars for forum and social media use and, if you want to go all out, original marker artist trading cards to you mailed to your house if you choose the highest reward tier (limited four slots so I don’t go crazy if they turn out to be a thing people really want, though!). We also plan on doing some giveaways in the future when we have our books and some other things in.

Anyhow, the comic will always remain free, so you don’t have to become a patron to keep enjoying it, but if you enjoy it enough to want all sorts of cool extras and secret stuff, please consider dropping a buck or two on us every month!

Aaaanyhowww, I was going to post a progress report tonight, but I’m still working and don’t feel like messing around with progress bars. I’ll post some with Friday’s update, and give you the low down verbally for today–first off, I finished colouring the rest of the chapter, it has its script, and all I have to do is draw the word balloons and some minor fx. I also completely finished the chapter cover for the next chapter, and in doing so, made the decision to make all future chapter covers in colour! I’ll also be going back and colouring the covers from this part when I have time for it (so, the past three chapters). I spent last night finishing that up, and then making the panel layouts for the first ten pages of the next chapter, five of which I am currently blocking out in preparation for sketching tomorrow morning.

tl;dr – I am working my asssss off. So excited for comics, guys!

Anyhow, gonna get back to work and then pass out! I’ll be posting screencaps of what I’m working on tomorrow on the patreon feed, so if you decide to subscribe, you’ll see those there, along with a sneak peek of the cover for chapter 14!