Good morning! On this page we introduce an alien species that has not yet showed up in the comic until this point! There are certain places where these adorable little dudes are everywhere, and other places like Gorth Station that they are not. Can’t wait to draw more of these adorable dudes.

Anyhow, this week has been mega busy and productive. I still need to add the word balloons to the last three pages of this chapter, but that should only take like a half hour tomorrow morning and then I’m officially done all work on chapter 13. Yay!

I’m also pleased to say that the Patreon we launched last week is going pretty great. Here is a list of things patrons of the comic have gotten access to since Tuesday:

  • A wallpaper and media packet of Chapter 14’s cover art! (available to all backer levels, download here). It includes avatars, large desktop icons (one of each character as well as one black caste symbol and one red caste symbol) and wallpapers in 12 sizes (if we’re missing yours, just ask and I’ll make it in your resolution!).
  • Inked pages in full for chapter 14 pages 01 and 02 (no text, minimal spoilers at the moment, available to all backer levels).
  • Inked pages in full for chapter 14 pages 03, 04 and 05 (no text, minimal spoilers at the moment, available to all backer levels).
  • Voting for the first new wallpaper as decided by backers in tiers pledging $10+. If you haven’t voted, go vote now! ($10 vote here, $20 vote here, $50 vote here). We currently have zero votes and you have until April 19th to tell me who you want to see–if only one person votes, then  that one person  gets to decide all by themselves who gets drawn, so get on voting!
  • Tomorrow after I finish the word balloons for the rest of this chapter and add the completed pages to the queue, I’ll be spending the day doing a bonus pinup and posting previews of it’s sketch and inked versions to all backer levels. Only backers in the $20+ backer levels will get to see the finished image, as well as get a nice wallpaper set, avatar set and some desktop icons, but if you’re in ANY backer levels you’ll at least get to see some nice previews of it.

We are currently backed for $41.25/month, and if we make it to $100 a month I’ll be releasing the full files for the intermission in between chapter 10 and 11, with no redactions. I’ll also be posting versions of pages as they go up that have my terrible placeholder text–they’re so terrible that they’re also kind of wonderful.

Anyhow, enjoy today’s page! I’m looking into options that will let people on mobile devices see the alt text, so hopefully everyone gets to read those soon, and not just people look at our website on actual desktop computers. Good night!