Good morning! Gotta say, all the discussion going on below the previous page was really awesome to read–it’s so crazy that people have so much to say and speculate on, not to mention encouraging. I hope the next few pages answer your questions (and make you ask even more while pondering the implications, haha).  Anyhow, have some previews of this month’s patron wallpaper rewards:


To those of you who support us on Patreon, you can now download June’s Wallpapers here! If you just joined up, you can find May’s Wallpapers here, the thread where you can vote on who the July wallpaper will feature here (currently Victor is winning!), view the entire rest of this chapter (inked only) here, and see some colour previews of future pages. There is also a public wallpaper folder for everyone where you can get wallpapers of our coloured chapter covers as I add them!

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