Whew, okay, feeling much better! So, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

First off, I decided that releasing one remastered chapter a week was taking too long so I remastered the last six and replaced them on the site. If you read through the comic on the website now, all spelling mistakes and typos in chapters 1 to 10 are GONE, the file folders in the extras are replaces, all of the comics are the same width (1100px), they actually have colour management, the bad old textures are gone and all word balloons, fonts and font sizes are consistent with current pages. Whew. Oh, and  guess that also means I put ALL of the wallpapers up for you all to grab! You can get the download link here, and here are previews of all the new ones I added, just for fun:

tumblr3 tumblr2 tumblr


I also posted four new inked pages to the chapter 15 inks folder, bringing in the number of pages I have ready to colour to 19. I also laid out the panels for the rest of the chapter, and the page count has changed to 40 pages for chapter 15 (including the cover, yikes!).

Lastly, Cory and I have been sitting her setting up for our first podcast. I’ll post more details about it when we drop out first episode, which will hopefully happen on Monday depending on how long it takes me to edit. You can still ask worldbuilding questions, though if you don’t ask them in time, they might get answered on another episode.