Oh hey, a new character! And speaking of characters, I definitely decided to blitz through all of the portraits on the Cast Page so that I wouldn’t be thinking about doing them while I finish up Valor. I also changed up the Disqus default avatar for this website to Goth, so all of you without Gravatars of our own can enjoy being a sluggy space tycoon! Hooray! I also completed the Murder Spy Mountain sign and made it into a wallpaper for patrons, which you can find here. Not 100% sure if/what we’re going to use it for, but it was a fun diversion for a few hours.

We’re also doing a fun Hallowe’en wallpaper for all of you, so if you could please cast your vote asap by entering the character’s first name (only one character) into this poll form, that would be great since the last day is Saturday! Note that votes for multiple characters in the same text box will not be counted–one person voted for three people, and so I’ve deleted that vote in case you want to recast your ballot for a single character, whoever you are. I’ve also removed the vote someone left for Goatse (haha what) in case that person wants to vote for an actual character. Thank you everyone who has already voted!

[yop_poll id=”2″]

So, in other news:


Yeeeep, books have arrived! I’ll be adding them to the store just as soon as the Kickstarters and pre-orders are sorted. I’ve posted an update on Kickstarter for backers if you’re one and haven’t seen it yet, so please got read it! All address changes for shipping need to be finalized by October 5th so I’m not shipping to your old address!

Anyhow, we’ll see you all Tuesday! Gotta get back to work on Valor!