The End has a LOT of characters, so we’ve divided them into the different factions present in the comic for your convenience. To jump to a specific faction, click the corresponding link:
While not all of them were abducted by the same people, the members of this faction have one thing in common–they were at OmegaCon and were abducted my aliens in some form or another.

Henri Karsch

Henri seems largely motivated by his his first instinct, which is unfortunate because under the irresistible urge to punch things lies a fairly intelligent guy. He's very much struggling with his identity now that he's attending school away from people who knew him while he was growing up, but has a hard time keeping up the cool-guy persona when confronted with older, nerdier habits and likes.

Comics: 216
Recent Appearance: CH22 41
First Appearance: Ch5 01

Patricia Leveque

Trish has always been kind of a geek, and when she was younger, she fancied herself a writer. When she got to university, though, she settled on something a little more realistic. Trish is extremely pragmatic, to the point of being ruthless. She wants to be a nice person, and can be, but is also capable of looking at situations with neutral detachment for the best outcome.

Comics: 120
Recent Appearance: CH23 13
First Appearance: Ch1 07

Cassi Savage

Cassi is a temperamental eleven-year-old who came to reside with her father and step-mother a year prior to the events of the comic after her mother's death. She's trying to cope, and also bond with Bart. She resents Heather a great deal. Her favourite things include cartoons (but not the kind that are for babies) and the library of games she has for her DS Lite.

Comics: 52
Recent Appearance: CH23 06
First Appearance: Ch2 01

Bart Savage

Bart is a new father in strange circumstances. At 27, he's still stumbling and immature, and feels like his small family is at war. He loathes having to split his attention between his wife and his daughter. Bart enjoys retro gaming, old sci-fi TV shows and progressive metal.

Comics: 58
Recent Appearance: Ch20 07
First Appearance: Ch2 01

Heather Savage

Heather has been married to Bart for about two years, and half-way through that she suddenly became an active parents when she and Bart took in Cassi after her mother's accident. Heather has no idea how to be a parent--she still feels fresh out of college and is now dealing with a grieving, hormonal tween on a daily basis. She's trying her best, though.

Comics: 32
Recent Appearance: CH23 06
First Appearance: Ch2 02

Blaire Warner

Blaire is a secretary for an insurance brokerage who is getting tired of the convention scene, and having a hard time justifying taking time off from work to go play dress-up. Blaire has been cosplaying from a young age and find something very satisfying about designing her own costumes, even if she feels she's getting a bit old for it.

Comics: 82
Recent Appearance: CH22 50
First Appearance: Ch4 02

Victor Smart

Victor is a washed up actor who makes money by continuing to ride the wave of popularity a role as the Captain on a Sci-Fi show back in his early 20s still holds. That and attending cons and shows to charge for autographs. He wishes his life could have been different in retrospect.

Comics: 79
Recent Appearance: Ch20 07
First Appearance: Ch4 01

Jack Jones

Jack is the shy counterpart to his twin sister's outgoing personality. He enjoys video games and comic book movies, but only really attended Omegacon as a means of meeting his long-time internet girlfriend, who may or may not have turned out to be an otherkin.

Comics: 104
Recent Appearance: CH23 12
First Appearance: Ch3 01

Kaitlyn Jones

Kait is loud and outgoing where her twin, Jack, is is quiet and introspective. She insisted on attending Omegacon as his 'wingman', but really wanted to go so that she could buy a bunch of nerd swag and eat Japanese candies.

Comics: 113
Recent Appearance: CH22 41
First Appearance: Ch3 01

The Fiah are a species united, all in the name of the preservation of the universe’s at risk intelligent life.


Ethma is a Fiah--part of a bird-like race of explorers and historians. She is currently acting as a monitor for Endi's final pilot exam, but has a long military history with the Guardians, Haalha's fighting force. She is cool-headed, but prone to bursts of emotion that startle her as well as others. She is ALL business.

Comics: 137
Recent Appearance: CH23 08
First Appearance: Ch1 02


Endi is a Fiah--part of a bird-like race of explorers and historians. He is currently doing his exam to be instated as a full pilot with his own ship. He is nervous and panics easily around aliens, but loves to fly in any capacity that he can afford.

Comics: 80
Recent Appearance: CH23 12
First Appearance: Ch1 02


Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Ch10 17
First Appearance: Ch10 11

Guardian Olma

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: CH23 14
First Appearance: Ch10 09

Earth’s secret government agent tasked with the containment and research of all things alien. It works with and recruits from governments all over the world, but is characterized by the sort of chaos and disorder caused by many distrusting factions attempting to hoarde information and seize power for their own respective governments.

Maxwell Flagg

Max is an agent of the ESI who is currently investigating the humans missing from OmegaCon.

Comics: 96
Recent Appearance: on your mark 38
First Appearance: Ch11 00

Samira Hahn

Samira is a Senior Agent of the ESI who is currently investigating Maxwell Flagg as he investigates the humans missing from Omegacon.

Comics: 89
Recent Appearance: on your mark 38
First Appearance: Ch11 00

The Ith monoculture refers specifically to those governed by the caste system. They are a xenophobic police state and generally avoid the rest of the galaxy’s inhabitants unless absolutely necessary.


Not much is known about Noh, other than the fact that she accompanied Raine to meet Jack at Omegacon. ESI reports pin her as a trained intelligence agent of some sort, but could garner no information that indicated which nation she was working for or what she was doing. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Comics: 157
Recent Appearance: CH22 49
First Appearance: Ch3 03


Lon is a member of Ith's Black Caste, condemned to work an unsatisfying job as security for a cargo ship of little interest because someone higher up doesn't like him very much. He tries to be calm and cool like training dictates, but find his working conditions so deplorable that he can't help but bicker with his co-workers and complain all of the time.

Comics: 114
Recent Appearance: CH22 41
First Appearance: Ch7 20

Warden Xia

Little is known about the warden at this point. She is currently in charge of the Hazardous Knowledge Control Centre.

Comics: 37
Recent Appearance: Ch20 44
First Appearance: Ch14 00


Sari is a member of Ith's Red caste, and is generally unhappy with her station in life. While she is the captain of the Ith Cargo ship she works on, all of her attempts to raise higher had been met with insurmountable obstacles and closed doors. Her need to be in control means that she has trouble giving up the reigns to others, especially Lon. His presence makes her feel uncomfortable and angry.

Comics: 41
Recent Appearance: Ch20 43
First Appearance: Ch9 20


Muire is a member of Ith's Blue Caste who works as a liaison on a small cargo ship. She is there to provide a window into the auras of potential business partners, as well as manage the resident Fade. Muire is by far the kindest member of the Ith ship's crew, and does her best to be her best in all situations.

Comics: 67
Recent Appearance: CH21 03
First Appearance: Ch7 18


Seon is a member of Ith's Yellow Caste. His job on the ship mostly concerns wheeling and dealing and talking various traders up and down to get a better deal. Seon gets along with pretty much everyone on board, though others are wary of him and his intentions because of what his job entails.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Ch12 24
First Appearance: Ch7 19


An important figure from Noh's past. Current whereabouts unknown at this time.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ch15 28
First Appearance: Ch15 09

The faded are a part of the monoculture only in the loosest sense.


Raine is (was?) Jack's internet girlfriend of two years and met him in person for the first time at Omegacon. Upom meeting him, she professed to be an Otherkin. Is she serious? Was she trying to get Jack to storm off? At this point, everything is speculation.

Comics: 53
Recent Appearance: CH23 14
First Appearance: Ch3 03


Tas is a member of Ith's White Caste. He is stoic and calm and takes orders without questioning, but this is likely a product of his conditioning rather than any true facet of his personality.

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: CH21 03
First Appearance: Ch7 18

Hlurcht Expatriots are those who have given up on the Empty Throne in the centuries since the last of the Hlurcht royalty died out. They favour business and build their own small commerce-based empires throughout the galaxy.


Gorth is a Hlurcht Expatriot. He's a very successful businessman who owns his own space station and appears to have past connections with Ethma.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: on your mark 15
First Appearance: Ch7 00