Hey everyone! Everything is going good. Sent our contribution to Valor off to Meg earlier today, finished up today’s update and completely drew and inked both of the arts for our Patreon wallpapers (the rest of you will get to see single images, even if you don’t have a Patreon account!). My weekend is going to consist of finishing up the wallpapers and colouring as many pages of this chapter as I can. Once I’m done Tuesday’s update, the plan is to quickly colour the backgrounds for seven or so pages and then finish them up over the course of the next week. Working on Valor was really fun, but I’m relieved to be getting back on schedule for End.

However, I have sort of a problem right now. Nine years ago my then-roommate rescued 4 chairs from an animation studio that was replacing them. They weren’t even standard desk chairs–they were the kind with four legs, mild padding and a fabric cover whose texture could easily be compared to really old automobile carpeting. It was a crappy second hand chair, but god damn did it ever last a long time. One of its legs broke clean off back in January though, and while I did initially look at replacing it, chairs are apparently insanely expensive now and surprise car repairs, surprise vet bills and then general bills prevented me from ordering one. It’s now a day shy of November and I have been sitting on a cheap wooden kitchen chair for 80 hours a week for the last ten months. I have constant back pain, and I can’t really put off replacing this chair any longer if I want to continue to be able to sit at my desk and draw this long.

I guess the problem is that I still have a million other really important things on my priority list (we’re moving mid-November, shipping books, Christmas, birthdays, winter tires), and do not have the money to throw at a decent chair right now. I could drop $50 on a used one or a super cheap one, but then it becomes a thing that either doesn’t help my back at all, or is super flimsy and will need to be replaced 6 months, lather, rinse, repeat to the point where I will have purchased enough cheap chairs that I could have bought a good one for the same price. I also have a slight issue where I need to guarantee that any used piece of furniture that enters my house has never been near any other animal because our jerk cats will pee all over it, no matter how long I spend soaking it with nature’s miracle, which means kijiji is generally not an option.

This upcoming Wednesday will be my 30th birthday, and if you wanted to toss me a couple bucks towards the conservation of my spine and continue to enable me to sit at my desk drawing for 80+ hours a week, I cannot think of a present that would make me happier right now. This is the part where I was going to post a donation button to make it easy for you, but it seems that paypal now has a stipulation that all people using that button must be registered non-profits, so instead I’ll just let you know that you can use your paypal to send any amount you want to my e-mail, ran@unpretended.com. Even if I don’t get that much, a hundred bucks or so would be a sizable chunk out of a decent, sturdy chair and I can save up for a little bit to pay the rest myself.

EDIT: Thanks Crestlinger for alerting me to the Staples insane mega chair sale event! I just finished sitting in 50 different chairs and found one to my liking for half its usual price and with an extra 25% off because they only had the floor model left (which means I also didn’t have to put it together myself hahaha). My skeleton is already thanking me!

Anyhow, enjoy today’s page and we’ll see you next week!