Chair acquired!

Okay, so, a couple things today:

First off, the wallpapers for Patrons are available, and you can get the download link here! Here are some cropped previews of the art, which you can see the full versions of if you click them:

Second, I’m opening voting up for December’s wallpapers a bit early so I have time to get them done with less of a crunch deadline this time. Here’s a run down of the rules for this round:

1. Ethma won the last poll, so any and all nominations and votes you submit for her will essentially be throwing your vote away. She won the last round, so she’s not in the running. This rule is to keep me from doing the same character every single time.

2. There will be THREE wallpapers this month. The regular two for patrons only, and a Christmas themed one for all readers. Whomever gets the most votes will be the Christmas wallpaper, and whomever is in second will get the regular top spot. Third wallpaper will be, as per usual, author’s choice, but we’re gonna switch it up and let Cory choose this time.

3. Because there are three wallpapers this month, if a vote with a qualifier ¬†ends up in first (example, Ethma as a pinup, or Xia posted like Gendo Ikari), then I’ll flip it with second place. If both first and second place have qualifiers, I’ll flip them but the new first place will lose the qualifier and the character attached to it will be the subject of the Christmas wallpaper.

4. Everyone gets 1 vote. I don’t care how bad you cheat (though I urge you not to because it’ll make more work for me in the end), because as a default, when it comes time to tally them up I’ll be automatically deleting all but the first vote everyone with multiple votes made. The only votes I will delete as the poll progresses are inappropriate suggestions, any votes for Ethma and votes that do not include characters from The End.

5. A note on qualifiers: Please don’t suggest the same qualifiers as last time, especially if they were really low on the results list–all they’re going to do is take up space.

And now that that’s out of the way, here’s the poll itself:

[yop_poll id=”4″]