Whew, super tired, so I’ll be as quick as I can:


Just finished a batch of pages, so if you want to read ahead to the 24th’s update, $5 patrons can do that here! I’m starting the next batch tomorrow, and I’m actually hoping to sketch the last 8 in the chapter by the end of the weekend if possible. That’ll give me plenty of time to plot out the next chapter, do a cover and also maybe do a cover for book 3, since this is the last chapter in book 2.

And speaking of book 2, the cover is now in the archives, and you can see it here! If you like it, there is also a wallpaper of the front half of it available for patrons.

And last but not least, poll is still going! The current results are super fun looking, and one character has pulled out in front of our previous leader. Will that change? We’ll see.

Edit: Just a reminder that while it is possible to try and trick the polls by adding extra votes, the poll records your IP address. Each IP address only gets one vote, and I have to manually remove the others. The more you flood, the more work you’re making for me. I would rather spend 2 hours drawing these wallpapers than 2 hours sifting through people trying to game the system. I looked into the preliminary results because one character went from being a contender to having twice as many votes as everyone else over the course of the night, and found that over half of that character’s votes were from the same 3 IP addresses. Please don’t be that guy.

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