Short message today. I smashed my hand pretty good, and it’s a little bruised so the less typing I have to do to feel better tomorrow when I finish up colouring this batch of pages, the better.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to end the voting a bit early so I can get them done with a bit of time left over, so, surprise! Voting ended last night! And the winners are:

  1. Cassi as a Dungeons & Dragons Character
  2. Noh as a Vault Hunter
  3. Lon as an Impractically Dressed JRPG Character

Now, normally, I’d take the recount votes after removing all of the cheat votes and pump them into the poll results and just post those, but I sat down to tally up the votes literally an hour and a half ago, ¬†and I’m running out of time before this page auto-posts. There were so many cheat votes, guys. Cassi won with a total of 85 non-duplicate votes, but that’s down from 179 total votes. More than half of her votes were people just flooding the poll, and while she surprisingly still won, I spent an hour and a half picking through the results for both of the polls to actually come to those numbers. I really like the idea of poll roulette, because¬†the top two of these are going to be really fun to draw, but if it means that I’m going to have to spend the amount of time I just did on future results, I’m not sure I’ll do the roulette polls all that often.

Anyhow, enjoy today’s page! As always, we love the speculation going on in the comments, though we’re holding back on responding to them ourselves because so much of what people are speculating about will be made clear in the next few pages. We’ll be back on Tuesday with another new page!