Hey! Progress report!


So, last three pages just need to be inked. Cory should have the final scripts for them tomorrow, which means they can be lettered as soon as he hands it over. I should have 5 more pages up for $5 patrons tomorrow, and the final three as soon as they’re done. The rest of my week is some minor freelance work, both of those wallpapers, the book 3 cover (wanna have it in the archive in a non-retroactive manner) and the chapter cover for chapter 17 and the new bust photo for the next progress bar. I also need to sit down with Cory and go through the rough scripts for the next 2 chapters (they’re gonna need some precise timing) and then I need to thumbnail out the entire next one.

In progress pics of all of those things will be up for patrons, and Cory has volunteered to do a quick video with a glimpse into his thought process for how he writes the alt text adventures!

Anyhow, getting back to work now!