Hey readers, we’re not sure what’s up with the alt text, so as a quick and temporary solution until I can get a hold of the person who made it for me originally and see if we can’t find a fix, here’s a temporary inline spoiler box containing the alt text. You can still read the alt text on old pages by hovering over the image, but that only works for desktop. Hopefully I’ll have this fixed up some time tomorrow, and we won’t have to go back to every single page and add this in:

Edit: Fixed! I’ll also make it look nicer later, I need to sleep. It turns out that the alt text broke on the previous page because Cory decided to put illegal characters in the alt text, whoops!

Anyhow, got some work done on August’s patreon content, which you can see below. I’m planning on colouring them today so I can finish up hte last piece of Friday’s page and then quickly get started on the next batch. See you Friday, and let me know how the alt text box works!