IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hey, there’s not going to be an update today. We’ll be back on Friday.

I spent most of the weekend drawing and inking (still not done inking) another 6 pages. Two of those pages took an amazingly long time to draw because they each have 20+ figures on them, and I didn’t make it to the colouring phase for any of them. Normally I’d work my ass off all Monday to make sure it got done, and I’d be wrapping it up just in time to post, but Monday was the kiddo’s 4th Birthday and I’d be a crappy parent if I ignored my kid all day to get a comic done on a regular day, and the ultimate crappy parent if I decided that that was the best thing to do on her Birthday.

We’ll see you all on Friday!

Hey all, less sick, but managed to pull what feels like every muscle in my entire goddamn torso thanks to this godforsaken cough! Just for this week, I’m going to come right out and say that unless all of the heating pads, sports rub and robaxacet I’ve been using come together to form some sort of miracle, I’m only updating once this week so that I can devote a little more time to doing as little moving as possible. We’ll be back next week for sure, though in what capacity remains to be seen. D: