Aaaand the alt text adventure goes full circle. Thank you, Cory, for…whatever it is I just read. It sure is…a thing.

Anyhow, keeping it short and sweet because I’m insanely tired right now and want to pass out. I was going to post up the results for the poll, but I haven’t even looked at them yet, and I’m wondering if it would be better to keep it as a surprise.

I’ll look at them as soon as I finish colouring the current batch of pages, which are actually almost done somehow? The first three are done except for lettering, the fourth is about 25 minutes away from colouring and the last two are maybe one to three hours away from being completely done, each. I’m super excited about having, no joke, 3 weeks of pages done in around five days, and if I can get these pinups done in good time, I can jump right into the next batch and hopefully keep the buffer going. I’ll post up the finished pages early for Patrons, before Friday for sure.

Anyhow, hope you’re enjoying! See you Friday.