Hey all, this past week has been majorly productive. As of Monday night when I’m typing this, I have 2.5 out of the next 5 pages completely inked. I should be able to finish up the other 2.5 pages today, as well as flat all of them. If I could get them all coloured before the next page goes up on Friday, that could be quite the meaningful start to a real buffer! After this batch there’s only one more batch of pages left in this scene, and then one quick scene elsewhere before we wrap on this chapter, so that’s exciting. The chapter itself should come in at around 4 pages total.

Anyhow, I haven’t caught up on comments–I usually make a point of reading them the night a page goes up, but I’ve been so productive that I’ve been making an effort to just keep this ball rolling. If it feels like I’m not paying attention to feedback being left, I promise that’ll east up as soon as I have this batch in the can and pre-scheduled to post. I haven’t felt like I’ve had any room to breathe around pages going up in about a year, and while taking time off to recover from surgery was absolutely necessary, I’m still feeling a bit anxious about my output last year compared to literally every year before this one after going full time. Logically that shouldn’t bug me, but this is literally my only job, so I’m looking forward to feeling like I’m at least a little bit ahead. I’m extremely excited for the next few chapters–they’re all happening simultaneously, so it was a lot of work to figure out what the best order for them to take place in the archive would be.

Anyhow, see you all on Friday!