Hey all. It was my intention to have this up on Saturday but I spent most of the weekend doing a fairly accurate corpse impression instead. It very much sucks that I missed Friday’s page, but it’s here and also whatever I caught seems to be clearing up, sort of. Still can’t breathe through my nose properly but also I’m feeling much better overall. Anyhow, things should be on schedule going forwards considering I’ve only got minor shading left to on the next four pages. I should have that finished up by the end of the day today, and then I just need to letter them after Cory finishes up last minute re-writes on the script. I’ll be starting the next batch immediately, which is a relief.

If any of you are wondering what I kept myself occupied with while I spent the weekend mostly horizontal, I highly recommend:

If you liked Stranger Things but wished it were more serious, atmospheric and also German, watch season one of Dark on Netflix. It has a lot of subtitles options, and if you for some reason really don’t want to watch it in German and are willing to miss out on some incredible performances, there’s an English dub that isn’t terrible, but isn’t near as good as the original voice track. It really starts to pick up at around episode 4, which had me say “WAIT, WHAT???” and then delivered on multiple payoffs every episode thereafter. I originally watched the series by myself while drawing, in English because I can’t read subtitles and draw at the same time, but it was FANTASTIC and I started re-watching in German with Cory.

If you like Dwarf Fortress (lord knows I do–I used to draw comics about it) but wished it had more native graphics and also was a mix of Starship Troopers and Firefly, Rimworld is on Steam and is maybe the best $34CDN I’ve ever spent on a video game, never mind one that’s still in early access. On the recommendation of someone on twitter, I subscribed to the “Yeti’s 100PLUS Series Modpack” collection and it’s been a blast. Like in Dwarf Fortress, Losing Is Fun; I learned a lot on my first few runs, the most important lesson being that you should NEVER bring 5 giant crabs along with you as a simple way to have meat on hand, unless you want your computer to maybe set on fire when you discover that they reproduce like real crabs and suddenly 400 new crabs burst out of a single stack of roe and cause your computer to try and shut itself down to make the pain stop.

Anyhow, I hope you’re enjoying! I still haven’t had a chance to sit down and go through comments on recent pages, but I’m actually going to go do that now before I go to bed. Cheers, see you Friday!


August is still in pretty rough shape. It’s nothing life-threatening, but he’s spent most of today dealing with chills and exhaustion, and he’s currently lying on the couch, barely awake. He’s going to spend the weekend resting and recuperating; we’ll be back with the next page on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your patience.