Hey all, I’m currently chugging away at this last batch of pages. Next week’s is done, and the three after that are in various states of being coloured. If I could finish one a day for the next three days, I’d consider that a victory!

This weekend I’ll be sitting down with Cory to sort out the bonus chapter chronologically and thumbnail the entire thing out so that Cory can get scripting. Pages should run once a week for the next 4 weeks, and then we’ll be taking two weeks off before the bonus chapter starts posting on the 3rd of July! That gives me two weeks to hopefully get a good chunk of the pages for the bonus chapter done (I’ll be starting them next week, so I’ll have been working on them for six whole weeks before they start going live), as well as time to get all of the kiddo’s end of year school stuff done, which is sure to be stressful.

I want to thank you all again for your patience! The closer we get to that bonus chapter, the more excited I am about what I’m doing, and not just because the bonus chapter will feature Sam and Max. See you next Tuesday!