And here is the first page of Henri’s humble(ish) origins. I’m fairly certain that I mentioned that there is NO dialogue in this story, and I’m not going to explain anything. These are glimpses of the last 11ish years of his life that can either mean something to you, or tell a story, or both, or neither, I guess. It was a fun experiment, for sure.

Anyhow, this past week has been crazy. I finished all of the initial stuff for our kickstarter, which will be happening some time next week, as soon as it gets approved which is happening NOW because we JUST got approved!

Some of the things we will be offering alongside the book include some sweet charms (for your keys!), a wallpaper, a full PDF of the book, sketches, black and white art, fancy colour art, yourself as either an Ith or an ESI Agent, a cameo in the comic, prints, a bookmark and my eternal gratitude! We also have some awesome stretch goals lined up, but those will be moot if we don’t reach out first goal, so they’ll be a surprise until then!

That said, I promised more stuff on the insider’s blog this week and failed to deliver–all of the stuff I was working on was secret, and I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it because Briar cut her first tooth and if you’re not holding her, she’s basically just screaming forever. It’s made sleep more difficult than when we first brought her home, which makes everything harder. ┬áNow that all of the initial kickstarter stuff is done, though, I should have way more time. We have a video(!!) interview this Saturday and my mother volunteered to give us a baby-free day so we could get some work done afterwards. I’ll have plenty to post then!

I’m currently inking the last few pages Henri’s story (tonight), and as soon as it is done I get to start working on Chapter 11, which has two of my favourite characters EVER in it. I cannot describe how chuffed I am to be finally at this part, since it’s been over a year since we originally planned it. A lot of questions will be answered about the Ith in general, at the very same time that a lot of questions about what happened on Earth will be answered, too.

Aaaanyhow, the longer I type right now, the less time I have to work before I pass out tonight! Back to work!