So, awesome news! Our Kickstarter to get Book One printed reached its goal, with 26 days to spare! Thank you all sooo, soooo, sooooooo much for helping out, we’re both excited about this like you wouldn’t believe! That said, there’s still $26 days to go before it’s over, and we’re going to do our best to keep on making this kickstarter more awesome! First off, today we revealed what the two mini-prints in the $35 tier will look like:


Henri vs Lon

Second, we released our first stretch goal–if we can make it to $6k, I’ll be designing a 3rd mini-print that will go to every backer, regardless of reward tier! Who will be on it? I have a few ideas, but I’d be interested to know who you guys would like to see on a poster! Let me know!

Anyhow, I spent the rest of this weekend doing two things–the first was being on a video interview with Kurt Sasso of TGT Media (which I will link as soon as it is up!), and the second was working for fourteen hours straight on Sunday to get the last of Henri’s sidestory done. I didn’t get them ONE, but all four pages are inked and flatted and ready for final details. They’ll bring our twice a week buffer up to February 22nd (for now–if I can consistently do 4-6 pages a week our buffer should build up pretty fast)! I also finished both of those posters, half a bookmark and got several hours of scripting Chapter 11 with Cory, which is awesome because I’ve been looking forward to Chapter 11 for so, so long. Keep an eye on the insiders blog–I’ll be adding some panels from the last of Henri’s sidestory over the course of the week!