Hey all, we didn’t update on Tuesday as planned. Not only was it Canadian Thanksgiving, but there’s apparently a province-wide shortage on one of my very important medications, which I attempted to refill last Friday only for them to tell me that maaaaaybe they’d have some in on Tuesday or Wednesday, and couldn’t transfer any from a different pharmacy because it’s a controlled substance. I was informed that I had the option to contact my prescribing physician and get them to send a temporary sample prescription to a pharmacy that had some in stock, but that wasn’t an actual option because my specialist doesn’t operate on weekends and Monday was a holiday. So I did get my meds on Tuesday night, buuut also taking them 3 days late resulted in some really nasty side effects and I spent most of the first half of this week doubled over in pain and trying not to barf up my internal organs, so that was fun.

Anyhow, I’m mostly recovered and the next batch of three pages is going to be flatted and coloured starting this morning when I wake up. We’ll be back on track for Tuesday, and I’m breaking my own rules about not working on weekends (so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on important family stuff) just this once, since the part of last weekend I didn’t spend sick as a dog was spent on my kiddo’s 4 day weekend and thanksgiving dinner with family.

We will see you on Tuesday!