And so begins book 3! I hope the alt text Cory did for this page sets the tone for how the rest of the upcoming chapter 17 will go. Lots to get through tonight, so, first off:


This chapter is progressing slower than I’d like, but it’s progressing none-the-less. I spent most of Monday working on finishing this batch up, as well as drawing June’s wallpapers. I guess I could post the results to the poll, but I don’t really feel like messing with it right now so I’ll just let you know: Only one cheat vote! I am so proud of you guys! Kana won by a pretty large margin, with Sam in 2nd and Bart in 3rd. So the 1st place wallpaper is definitely getting drawn (and is in fact finished as of my typing this!), and I decided to decide what to do for the second wallpaper all by my lonesome. It might be an illustration I am working on, and if I decide it won’t be a great wallpaper, then I’ll pick another design before the weekend and work on that.

Last but not least, here’s all sorts of fun stuff we’ve done this week:

Anyhow, we’ll see you Friday!