Hey everybody! Sorry there’s just a chapter cover today, but it had to be done. It also afforded me more time to work on more page than I would have in terms of the buffer for this chapter. The actual chapter starts on Tuesday, and I’m very, very excited about where it’s going. Here’s how that’s looking:


I’m going to have all of these inked for tomorrow, so, provided that Patreon is done ironing out all their bugs from the interface update earlier this week, I will have those up for Patrons asap. Here’s a preview of one of the at least 30 distinct Hlurcht I’m going to have to design for this chapter:

And while we’re at it, these are small previews from June’s wallpapers! They’ll be going up Monday night, and I’ll let you know where and how you can get them with Tuesday’s update.

Anyhow, see you then!