Hey everyone! Chapter over! We’ll see you next week with the start of Chapter Twelve!

Anyhow, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me when the store would be back up, and after having some major issues with Hivemill, Hiveworks decided it would be easier if everyone just ran their own stores, which is cool by me. So we’re back up!  You can find the store here.

Now is a good time to check it out, too–I’ve added Book One, both a plain version and a fancy Artist’s edition–to the inventory for those of you who missed the kickstarter but still wanted a book. It will be shipping around mid-August, so be aware of that. Until then, all of the kickstarter rewards will be available there (some are available now), including the charms, as well as a bonus charm I sprung for when I was ordering the other ones featuring Raine! Everything is limited quantities, so get them while you still can. I’ll probably be adding some original art and/or ACEOs to it some time this weekend. Enjoy!