Good evening/early morning!

First off, I am delighted to see so many people going through the archives (though the constant alerts on my phone whenever it happens made it really hard to distract my kid with an endless loop of the Gangnam Style video the other morning so I could get dressed, haha) and I’ll be making a valiant effort to go through and reply to as many of them as I can tomorrow, because I saw a lot worth discussing even just from the half sentence ‘preview’ that shows up on my wordpress app.

That aside, if you have sent me an email, or messaged me on Kickstarter or Tumblr (and I know some of you have, and oh god it is eating away at me sorry sorry sorry), I’ve been insanely busy this week; my mother-in-law generally babysits two afternoons a week so I can get work done, answer emails and lament about not having enough time slotted to redesign the website, and she’s out sick this week with strep throat which means it’s just been me and the (miserable and teething, again) munchkin this week with no time to even look at my computer.  I will get to them this weekend! That I promise you!

Cory and Briar are heading up to the cottage after we meet with some friends at Ribfest so that I can get some work done in relative peace and quiet. I’m going to spend what time I can get away with tomorrow afternoon making my kill list, and I intend to systematically scratch everything in it off before Monday Morning hits.

I have also been seeing a lot of sci-fi movies and reading a lot of articles about writing sci-fi lately that I have opinions and reviews on that I’d love to present here for discussion, and I’m actually interested in dissecting some tropes that are common to sci-fi (and have been listed for this comic on TV Tropes) if I get the chance. We started this comic because we LOVE sci-fi, but man, does making a sci-fi comic ever steal all the free time I used to have to watch/read/play sci-fi media, haha.

Anyhow, enjoy this page! Prepare for a looooot of your speculations about the Ith, the castes, and characters who we haven’t seen in a while to be addressed!