For all of you who were guessing that I was just going to cut back to somewhere else, shame on you, haha. Anyhow, I had so much fun with this page, even if it was a bit frustrating. I’m well into the one after it, and hopefully I’ll manage to get a couple more done this weekend, too. The descriptions on these pages will be brief, but I’ll also be adding some extra notes in the author comments (and later to the wiki), starting Tuesday when you’ll get to hear all about the green, orange and yellow castes, as well as see some design sketches–I wanted to have them up today but I’m so tired I can barely think right now.

Also, just as a note, I’m done redesigning the website. I’m going to put the site in maintenance mode for an hour or two on Saturday or Sunday to implement it. Hopefully that’ll fix all the buggyness with the archives. I’ll also be importing all comments to disqus so I don’t accidentally lose them again. See you next week!