Good morning!

So first off, you’re probably noticing that a few things are a bit different here! I went through everything and stripped out all the parts of the theme that were showing up weird in firefox, bugging out in the archives or breaking things in the cast page. Everything SHOULD be fine now, though I absolutely encourage you to let me know if something looks weird or is buggy–feel free to upload a screenshot to imgur and link it to your comment if you’re having trouble describing it, and letting me know what browser/os you’re using is pretty essential. The more info you can get me, the faster it will be fixed!

Another thing I did was import all of the comments on this website to disqus, and I did this for a few reasons:

  1. Akismet has been dropping the ball for quite a while. I get massive amounts of spam–on update days, up to 300 new comments. The spam isn’t getting through to the website, but non-spam comments from users that I’ve repeatedly approved are getting stuck in spam with it. While it’s easy to tell which comments are spam, scrolling through 300 of them every single day is awful, and if I skip a day, it really piles up.
  2. This way, I can be less focused on obsessively checking my spam box and more focused on actually making comics.
  3. Hopefully good comments won’t be marked as spam at all, anymore!

Anyhow, as with any new feature, it might take me a little bit of time to get used to using it. If spammy comments DO get through and you have a disqus account, please downvote them! It’ll flag them and send me an email, and that way I can act right away without having to sort through a million things.

Next! I said that I’d have extra world-building for you, and I do!  I now have a bunch of extra info up on the Green Caste, the Orange Caste and the  Yellow Caste.  Orange and Yellow are a bit more sparse than Green, but I’ll be looking to add a bunch of design work to them in the near future.

Anyhow, I’m currently hard at work on Friday’s Page, as well as battling a horrible cold that has Cory flat on his ass–I’m juuust starting to get some symptoms, and I’m downing water and vitamins by the gallon in hopes that my immune system curbstomps it before it gets any worse. We also have a wedding to go to this weekend, so work is going to be tight, which means that I need to spend as much of this week working as possible.

See you all on Friday!