Morning! You will be happy to know that I managed to finish this page ahead of time despite catching Cory’s horrible plague (which it should be noted that I ALSO managed to shake before he did, because my immune system is a badass), and that we’ve added a couple more entries to the wiki! You can now read about the Red Caste and the Blue Caste respectively!

After this, there are two more pages like this before we round out the chapter, which means you get to learn about the Black Caste and the Violet Caste in a bit more detail next.

And, since it should be obvious now, I’d like to show you what I’m up to with these fancy pages and why they’re shaped so funny:


I’m not going to say I actually intend to print them as posters–I’d like to, but the size they’d need to be without losing all of the detail is one that, even after an hour or so of comparing prices, is starting at like $22 a poster before shipping (to Canada, might I add), which is insane and also kind of awful. Even the local shops I’m looking at have insane high prices, so uh, I got nothin’.

I will probably be making them individually into nice wallpapers for you all, though, so there’s always that, haha!

Aaanyhow, I want to start filling up the wiki again. We had plenty of character info and design stuff on the old one before we accidentally nuked it, and so I’m not really sure where to start. Which characters would you like to see bonus artwork, design info, character arc timelines and basic stats for? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get right to it!