Good evening! Sorry this took so long–the kidlet is so unhappy about the ten teeth that are coming in at once that my mother-in-law dropped her off way earlier than usual so she could calm down.  Anyhow, here, have some stuff!

  • Here is a wiki page with info on the Violet Caste.
  • Here is a wiki page with info on the Black Caste.
  • Here is a pile of icons for you! Someone was sad that the old icons were gone now that we switched over to Disqus. While I can’t make it work like it did before I can just give them to you and let you use them if you so desire. You can use them as your Gravatar or for your Disqus account’s avatar, or anywhere else you like, for that matter.

Anyhow, gonna try and get the last caste page done as fast as possible so it’s up on time. Enjoy!