Once again,  Henri shows a stunning lack of self-awareness.

This is up almost an hour later than it should have been, but only because I got carried away making a giant ass tutorial on how I coloured the first panel of this page. You can read it here, on the wiki, if art guts are the sort of thing that you’re into!

Anyhow, there was a minor tweetstorm earlier today in where people were freaking out because none of the Hiveworks hosted websites wee working on Comic Rocket or Ink Outbreak. The reasoning for this was that it protects us from having to send out like 75 C&Ds every time a new scraper iphone app looking to make money by stealing our comics crops up, and also it lets us get into better ad networks, which keep our bills paid and us making comics.

We had a meeting with one of the dudes behind Comic Rocket, and we’ve temporarily restored the ability to read our comics through iframed websites like CR and Ink while we work on some solutions, but I don’t know how long that will last for, or what shape these solutions will take.  I’ll let you know as events unfold, I guess.

Anyhow, eyeballs are falling out. Gonna go shut them for hopefully at least 5 hours. See you Tuesday!