Edit: Haha, so, I thought it was a little weird that I wasn’t getting any notices on my phone for comments on today’s page, and finally got the chance to check in. I may or may not have set this page to draft instead of scheduling it to post. Oops! Friday’s page is coming along (inking it right now), and it should be up on time, unless I somehow forget to schedule it to auto-publish, too.

Seven pages left in this chapter if I manage to stick to my thumbnails! Can I jut say that I love all the speculation going on in the comments? I’m refraining from responding to a lot of them, because I don’t want to give away the game, but rest assured that I am sitting behind my computer screen, rubbing my hands together in a very sinister fashion, repeating “Yeeeeaaaaaasssss, speeeecultate!” There will be answers, but remember, if telling you about something, one way or another, will spoil something, then my lips are sealed!

Anyhow, busy week this week. Inlaws are back and so hopefully I get my regular work time today and Thursday. See you Friday!