Good morning! I didn’t leave a comment on Tuesday’s page because I fell asleep. I’ve been working super hard to get this chapter finished, and this week has been crawling along on that front. I’ve got up to page 15 completely coloured, and the entire rest of the chapter flatted and ready to be coloured. I do need to go get some gross blood tests done today, but the plan after that is to sit down and see if I can finish all of the backgrounds for as many of those pages as possible, which will leave only the foreground characters and lettering left to do.

Anyhow, if you’re a patron or would like to be, please remember that today is the last day that I’m accepting votes for June’s wallpaper character! Noh is currently winning, and I’ll be announcing who the wallpaper will feature, along with who the second wallpaper featuring a character of my choice will feature, on Saturday or Sunday. Cast your vote here! We also have some colour panel previews for pages seven to twelve which you can check out here (patrons only!), and two new wallpapers featuring characters from Skags & Scoundrels which you can get the download link from here (for everyone!). I’ll also be starting up a patrons only event some time this weekend where you can ask fun, interesting or personal questions to any member of the cast of The End and I’ll be periodically doing quick comic responses to them featuring the characters you asked. Info on that should be up some time this weekend, possibly tomorrow.

Anyhow, enjoy and see ya Tuesday!