Hey all! This past weekend was pretty much a bust for getting things done. Alli and Jim’s website exploded and I fixed and quickly redesigned it for them and then Cory spent seven hours in the emergency room for what they thought might be his appendix bursting but turned out to be food poisoning. Despite that, I *did* manage to get some work done in the form of the wallpapers for our patrons, which you can see a preview of right here:


If you would like to plaster these all over your desktop, all you need to do is become a Patron for $1 or more if you feel like it. Patreon accepts credit cards and good old paypal and provides a cool not-so-secret club house where I can give members previews of future pages (like, oh, say, ALLĀ of the inked pages for the rest of this entire chapter), at least two exclusive wallpapers a month (here are the three I made for May), one of which you get to cast your vote on to help decide who it will feature, as well as first access to chapter covers as wallpapers as I redo them (which you can get the download link for here even if you’re NOT a patron!). We also have a lot of other fun and cool stuff coming up like a give away and some bonus ‘ask the cast‘ comics. Anyhow, I am dead tired and will see you all on Friday!