Short message today–I’ve spent essentially the entire week working on the new design for Namesake, and after we finished it tonight I sat down and coloured all the backgrounds for five pages while Cory puts final text on six pages that are already coloured. I started colouring the foregrounds in the first of those five pages before I realized that the new page goes up in…about 15 minutes and I completely forgot to do an author’s page.  So, that’s what’s happening now.

I’ve been a bit behind all week, and expect to get caught up a lot this weekend–I might be taking a few breaks here and there since my sister had a baby this evening (a little bit important 😛 ), but if I can wing it at all, I should have not only these 5 pages done, but a good chunk of the rest of the chapter done as well. The ones I’m working on are going pretty quickly (mostly because for most of them there are only two people on each page), and while I get to bump that number up to five, then down to four, and then down to two again by the end of the chapter, the backgrounds are simple enough that the rest of the pages shouldn’t be too time consuming.

Anyhow, extremely tired, you wonderful people! Gonna go be unconscious, enjoy the page!