This is posting a bit late–I had so much i wanted to post with this, but I’ve been so insanely busy that I popped it into draft mode for fifteen minutes and oh hey what it has now been almost three hours? How did that happen? So I’m going to keep this short, and I’ll do a bunch of the stuff I was hoping to do tomorrow morning instead of now.

1) The book is paid for! The printer has the files, some last minute issues with it are fixed, and oh hey, it has all of the NEW covers for each chapter are in it. ETA from the printers is 5 weeks, which sucks, but we’ve already waited this long, what’s another month and a week? I’m very, very excited, you have no idea. I’ll post about this on kickstarter tomorrow morning.

2) I added Chapter 9’s new cover to the wallpaper folder! It is not on the website yet, and neither is the updated chapter, because that’s what I’ve been stumbling around with all evening. I’ll be adding those pages up when I wake up rather than now, when I should be asleep. You can get the wallpaper by going here for instructions. Here is a preview:


3) Last two days to VOTE on who will be on the Patreon wallpaper! Victor is winning!

4) I started posting the inked pages to chapter 15, and if you are a patron, you can view the first 5 here!

Anyhow, insanely tired, lots to do tomorrow, hope to see you again on Tuesday!