Hey all! So first off I’m mega busy–I’m currently working on avatars for the upper tier on my patreon, colouring pages, re-doing all of the character portraits for the cast page, preparing to redesign our website because the Easel theme doesn’t seem to have much support, so I’m going to have to port everything over to comicpress theme, and getting ready to start drawing my submission to Valor, whose kickstarter is doing insanely well and you can go look at it here! Today is also Briar’s second Birthday so I’m going to be spending tomorrow night spoiling her and eating cake instead of working. :3

Secondly, did I mention I’m redoing the character portraits? Yeah, only a few sentences ago? Well, you’ll be happy to know that two of them are done, and I’m gonna post them here in celebration of the fact that Cory just went back and put alt text on all of Chapter Eleven. They’re actually a bit of a departure from how our alt-texts usually go, for several reasons. The first is that they’re all written in a Film Noir style and point of view, the second is that they’re mostly not jokes, and the third is that they’re in character and any references to Max’s past in them (and there are a LOT of them) are 100% canon. Cory had a lot of fun writing them, and we hope you enjoy reading them!


Anyhow, this is the last page of the chapter! Chapter 14 begins on Tuesday! See you all then.