Hey all! Cory here.

Really looking forward to what people think of Chapter 15. We’ve got some character development, some exposition, and plenty of murder spies. I mean, Black Caste intrigue. Feel free to bounce questions about the characters and setting off of us in the comments; we’ll answer what we can!

I’ll be adding title text to the remaining earlier chapters as time goes on. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up this “come up with a ridiculous theme and never deviate from it throughout¬†the entire chapter for any reason” dynamic for ten more¬†chapters’ worth of alt-text, but… I’m sure I’ll think of something. If I can spin hair and eyebrows into some Cromartie-esque River City Ransom nightmare and make Dilbert a relevant subject of discussion in baroque noir monologues, I can fill ten more chapters with completely nonsensical but narratively continuous joke text.

Randi is hard at work colouring pages. We’ll be back with more solid news and authorial discussion on Friday. See you then!