Okay, chapter begins for real! Let’s jump right into news:

1) Sooo, my schedule just got all crazy for a lot of reasons. First off the Valor Kickstarter is almost done! There are only nine days left and as I type this we are less than $1000 away from reaching our $75k stretch goal. For those of you not aware, we’ll be contributing a 15 page comic to it called ‘Please‘ (you can see the concept art for it here!). On top of that, I just heard back from slipshine and my application is accepted, which means that in February I’ll be sitting down to draw a 20 to 30 page short adult comic. I won’t link to it, but if you know where my super secret End smut blog is, the page I used for my application features Sam and Max and is posted up there, haha.

That last part was an unexpected surprise, and suddenly I find my schedule has me not leaving my desk ever again, which leads to a fun new adventure: I am teaching Cory how to flat comics. This is either going to be amazing or terrible because I am the worst person to work for when it comes to art and Cory has NO photoshop experience at all. D:

2) In Patreon news, voting for September’s wallpaper ends on Saturday night! You can vote here. Currently it is a tie between Sam and Cassi, so feel free to add your vote to swing it one way or the other! I’ve also been redoing the cast images and posting them up for Patreon members alongside fun facts about each character. So far you can find out what Sam & Max miss most about Earth,  look beyond Lon’s jerkish exterior to what’s on the inside (Candy? Spiders? Or maybe just an equally jerkish interior???), find out what Noh’s guilty pleasure is and see a sneak peek of a character who shows up for the very first time in this chapter! We also have one slot open in the $15 tier where you can get a custom avatar of yourself as an Ith (in the caste of your choosing) or as an ESI agent.

That’s pretty much all for today, so we’ll see you next week!