Hey everybody! I have a few quick announcements, and then it’s back to work for me!

Announcement One: I took the $15/month tier off of our Patreon for the month of September so I can focus on getting our contribution to Valor done. If you have pledged and paid for this level already but haven’t gotten your mugshot to me so I can draw your art yet, please get that to me asap so I can get all outstanding arty done before I got into insane art robot mode in September!

Announcement Two: Do you find that the comic moves slow? A lot of Patreons have a tier where you can see the next week’s comics in advance, but keeping up with a double posting schedule is super difficult, so we instead decided to be super cool and make a $10/month tier. If you pledge to this tier, you will get access to a Dropbox Folder that contains the current buffer and any new pages as we make them rather than as we schedule them. Currently the folder has pages 1 to 8 of this chapter in it, and tomorrow I’ll be adding three more that I coloured this past week as soon as I letter them tomorrow morning. On average I’ll have three to four new pages in it every week while we’re in colouring phase, though that’s going to slow to one page a week in September while I complete our contribution to Valor.

Announcement Three: Here’s a preview of one of the September Patron Exclusive wallpapers featuring Sam & Max! It and the second one I’m working on will be available to Patrons on September 3rd!


Anyhow, so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in, so back to work I go!