Hey all! Here be updates:

First off, Cory went back and added alt text to all of chapter ten. Second, remember how I said you’d all get a Hallowe’en wallpaper? DOWNLOAD IT HERE! Noh won the poll, and the resulting paper is this:


Also, if you are a patron, this month’s wallpapers have been uploaded to the Patrons’ secret content folder in the topmost folder! You can get all three of them through the link posted here, and see a preview of them here:


On top of that, I am happy to announce that since I’m finally done drawing all of Valor and just need to colour it, we’ve tested out and set up a channel where I will be streaming as I colour. I’ll be on there for most of tomorrow afternoon, taking a break, and then coming back online at 7:30pm, but accompanied by Cory who will be controlling the chat room and microphone (so he’ll be answering any questions you might have if you pop in–I promise, he’s just as interesting and hilarious as his alt texts suggest he is!). I’ll be streaming on Saturday and Sunday (all day, both days), and will be back Monday evening, Tuesday Afternoon and so on all week. If you wanna stop by, we’d love to have you. I’ll be nice and tweet about it whenever I’m about to go on air to give you some warning!

Anyhow, enjoy watching Noh squirm, and see you next week!