Hey all! So, some good news! It kind of looks like I’ll be going with option 3. I dunno what happened, but I hit some sort of crazy stride and in two days flat I managed to 1) completely colour all of the backgrounds of every single remaining page of Please for Valor–just need to colour the foreground characters and letter everything and then it’s done–and 2) completely colour today’s page and flat the next four pages after that. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but Valor should absolutely be done before the weekend hits, though I’m going to take a teeny tiny break to colour Friday’s update somewhere in there so it might bleed into the weekend a little.

This means no time off, but also I get to keep my sanity AND my flawless update schedule for the year. Rest assured that I am doing a low effort victory dance from my desk because a more dramatic and involved number would take away time from this glorious productivity streak.

In unrelated news, I just realized that I have no social media links on our website, which will be added in the redesign! Until then, you can find us here:

Ran: tumblr | deviantArt | twitter | bookface

Cory: tumblr only because he hates social media.

Anyhow, poll is still going until Saturday, so keep em’ coming:

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