So, this went up late. We went to a family dinner last night before my in-laws go to Florida for a week, got home and crashed. I woke up at 1am and suddenly realized that I forgot to queue this page up, and  Cory was dead to the world and would have been not on his best game for Alt-Text wizardry, so here we have it at almost noon. Ooops!

Anyhow, the poll ends tomorrow, so keep on voting:

[yop_poll id=”3″]

And while we are on the topic of the poll, the results are going to look very different from what you see here. I warned you guys that any attempts to game it would be discovered, and while some of you have been using VPN browser addons to trick the poll into letting you vote more than once (waaaay more than once), it still records your base IP address and I can still see votes that are duplicates. YOP Poll is actually kind of cool in that it lets me export all results to a spreadsheet, and from there’s it’s just a matter of removing all duplicate votes from the same IP for the same character. I’ll let you keep one vote, the first one you ever made, though, so I hope your first vote was the on you really wanted! I’ll give you a breakdown of how much you all cheated when I post the results. 😛

To be clear, I’m not mad that you cheated because it’s easily fixable, but it IS time consuming, and it will consume time I could be working on actual comics. Just kind of keep that in ind for future polls, you know? A lot of people seemed to vote the way I asked them to (once, without trying to trick us!) and maybe it would be a different story if EVERYONE was cheating, but it’s not fair to those who didn’t if I let the cheaty votes count. I can’t discount the 20 people who voted for one character in favour of the one person who voted 50 times for the one that they wanted.

Anyhow, I’ll make a news post with the poll results on Sunday! See you then!