Hey all, so good news (for now)??? The antibiotics seem to have done their job and I am no longer in hideous pain! The bad news is that, while I’m typing this the night before, you’re likely reading it as I am at the dentist having the problem tooth extracted, so I actually have no idea if my ‘ahaha, no worries, pain is gone!’ statement from the beginning of this author’s note will be accurate anymore.

The last time I had a tooth extracted, it was all four of my impacted wisdom teeth at once and I spent the subsequent week swallowing and then throwing up large quantities of my own blood and feeling like death, and so I have no idea what to expect for a single, non-impacted tooth extraction in terms of how bad it’s going to hurt when all is said and done. If the answer is ‘minimal’, then there will probably be a new page on Friday since I’m just finishing up flatting all seven of these pages. If the answer is ‘hahah nope, prepare to swallow a lot of blood again’, then I’m taking the rest of the week off to recover and there will be a new page on Tuesday.

That aside, poll will be wrapping up soon, so make sure to cast your vote!


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