Hey all! So, first thing’s first–aside from being in immense pain, I managed to get all of the last batch for this chapter inked. It isn’t prepped for colouring yet (hope to do that today and post it up for patrons), but as soon as it is I’m going to get colouring the last 7 pages. Here’s the progress meter:


And on that note, there may only be one update next week–I got in to see a dentist earlier this week and while they kindly prescribed me some heavy-duty painkillers and antibiotics, we were all in agreement that this tooth needs to come out asap, and the only opening for that is Tuesday morning. I sort of expected to have most of these pages in the colouring stage by now, which my tooth has sort of put a hold on, so even if I’m well enough to speed colour a page for Friday, there’s a good chance I’m going to give myself a pass for it so I can recover from the extraction and get pages done at a comfortable pace for the following week. Poll is still happening, though, so here’s that:


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And on that note, I changed up the vote incentive! Click on either link to see it: