Hey readers, we’re going a bit slow this week. The renovations next door finished and our new neighbours moved in, but because a lot of our utilities and services run through our basement, I’ve spent most of the week waiting on plumbers, internet and satellite setup for our neighbours because they need access to our basement.

On top of that, this morning my 13 year old corn snake passed away and I woke up to a series of texts from my dad about how my grandpa is back at the heart institute with another clogged artery and the need for a stent. He recently had triple bypass surgery late last year, and they had to stop his heart to get it beating at a normal rate again. So, while I’m still working on getting this batch out and having those wallpapers up for every one some time this weekend, I’m also ready to drop everything and make my way to the hospital at a moment’s notice. If Tuesday’s page is late or the wallpapers aren’t up some time tomorrow, I apologize in advance.