Hey guys, we’re back. Sorry about the wait–my new stylus took a while to get here, and I didn’t even get to open it for a couple of days after a friend of Cory’s family passed away and things got suddenly very crazy. We’ve also been dealing with freezing pipes, a currently leaking pipe due to the freezing, and yesterday I threw my back out while sitting almost completely still. Good times.

Anyhow, I’m playing catch up this week. We’re packing up our second last shipment of kickstarter rewards, and after that we will only have 7 books left to ship. We’re aiming for Wednesday, though Friday is probably more realistic for ALL of them. What’s done by tomorrow night will all be going out Wednesday, though, so there’s that.

Anyhow, you can see some of the nice art we’ve done for inside some books below! Those last two wallpapers will be ready for people to download some time tomorrow. We will see you all again on Friday.