Hey all! Not a whole lot to say about this page other than FINALLY, A PALETTE CHANGE OH GOD.

Anyhow, I’m just finishing up the next page before I immediately start on the next batch. I guess right now my only concern is that I’m locking myself into a perpetual cycle of immediately having to start on the next batch with zero time for anything in between, especially when none of the pages coming up are easy to breeze through.

I’m trying really hard to build up a buffer so that when I go in for surgery in the summer the comic doesn’t stop updating, so I’m wondering how amenable you all would be if I dropped down to one update per week? This would allow me to catch up, keep up with patreon stuff (which I am very behind on, like a month behind), make sure I have pages for when I’m in recovery and can’t lift my arms for a couple of weeks so that we don’t have to disappear or just pad the comic with filler for around a month. It wouldn’t be forever, just until I catch up and have some sort of buffer, but it would at least keep the story going instead of making everyone wait.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I guess.